If you’ve visited the site at any point over the last two years you may have noticed there have been some long-overdue visual improvements recently. When I launched the site in 2016 my focus was on simple layouts with the one visual flair being the ever-present search bar filled with box art images. In the three years since, the internet has only become more visual focused and so it was time to catch up. Here’s a recap of what’s been happening on the site:

  • You’ve probably already noticed the new slider at the top of the homepage. It’s a nice visual representation of the latest additions along with a running tally of how many games are on the site.

  • At the very top of every page is the new menu system. It looks nicer than ever but the big triumph was getting it to work on mobile too! Mobile navigation is no longer a nightmare!!

  • Speaking of pages, nearly all of them have been rewritten and updated. Find out how YOU can help the site, read up on the site’s history, and view the improved Additions and Updates pages.

  • Several pages now use shortcodes to track the ever-growing number of unique games and companies on the site. Did you know there are 36 delisted games from Ubisoft alone?

  • The Games menu is where the changes are really striking! Each platform page now has an index to help find the game you’re looking for, and each entry pops with a new thumbnail icon and a sub-listing of its developer and publisher.

  • The Watch List is still home to the delisting calendar but the feed of posts below it has a unique visual layout with dates and related companies for quick browsing.

There are a few more changes that require more work that you may see pop up down the line, but for now I’m very happy with how the site looks and functions. Let me know what you think in the comments!