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[Sticky] Nintendo Links & Resources (Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, Switch)  


Check out the general research forum for more useful links and resources that are cross-platform. The following will help you dig up information on Nintendo titles only:

Nintendo does an admirable job of keeping game pages up for most delisted titles. Like Microsoft, they don’t block the crawlers so the URLs are easy enough to stick in the WayBack Machine and start digging.

Here are links to the major pages that I hit most frequently. Browsers (especially Chrome) will sometimes default you to your local region. You can tell by looking at the URL to see if it changed from "/en-GB/" to "/en-US/" or something like that. Try using Incognito or Privacy modes in your browser or a tracking-free browser if you run into problems.

US/North AmericaEuropeJapan Game Store

This is Nintendo’s equivalent of the PlayStation Store and it shows things a little differently than searching on the main site. The URL is sorted by release date (newest to oldest) but you can use the filters at left to narrow down to various consoles or platform features. It’s handy but a little wonky for older and delisted stuff. Sales & Deals page

This page doesn’t archive well but if you’re keeping up with what’s on sale (and potentially being delisted when it’s ‘off’ sale), this is the place to look. What’s New page

I’m not sure why Nintendo hides this URL, I can never seem to find it from the main site. Anyways, the page used to let you navigate but it looks like it’s been updated to keep only the last year-ish of news items. It’s good for digging back through recent announcements (sales, new game reveals, events, etc) but try the WayBack Machine /">archive here. It’ll show you a whole lot more from this “What’s New” page.

Posted : May 17, 2018 9:45 am