As of November 2019, new member registrations to the forums are closed. There really wasn’t ever any activity here except for constant spam accounts. Until more interest exists for a dedicated forum please reach out on one of our social media accounts. Thanks for stopping by!


Delisted Games & News

If you're here to submit a game that has been delisted or has been announced to be delisted soon, submit it here.
Delisted Games & News

Submit a New Delisted Game

Found a game we don't have on the site? Share it here, but please READ THE STICKY POST FIRST. And thanks for the help!


Every Game on the Site

Reminisce, mourn, discuss, and dig into these lost (but not forgotten) games. I've started with the most viewed games but eventually every game on the site will have a forum of its own. USERS CANNOT SUBMIT GAMES IN THIS FORUM. Due to the nature of forums, these posts are not in alphabetical order. Use the search bar at the top right to find a specific game.



Delisted Mobile Games (iOS, Android, Other)

Trying to keep track of everything that comes and goes on mobile platforms is definitely a team effort. This forum is the place to submit delisted games and news for mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.