[Sticky] Welcome to the Forums!  


Welcome to the Delisted Games Community forums! I've been setting this up for the last few weeks. I like to think each section is self-explanatory and has a few example posts so I won’t recap it all here. I think these are the most major areas to point out though: 


Delisted News
This is really what I wanted a forum for in the first place, somewhere to quickly submit news and spread the word on games that are shutting down or suddenly disappeared. 

Submit a New Delisted Game
I imagine this will be the next most active area of the forums. If you’ve previously submitted a game to the site through our form you’ll know what to expect. Provide as many details as you can and let us know if you found a game we don’t have on the site yet. 

Every Game on the Site
Here’s another featured forum I always had in mind for the site: a place to discuss, remember, and mourn our favorite delisted games. It’s a little funky since forums aren’t sorted in alphabetical order (and not every game has been added yet) but it will continue to grow and expand as we have time. 


Have a look around and sign up for an account if you like what you see and want to contribute or discuss. Thanks for stopping by!

Posted : 22/05/2018 7:22 am