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After Burner Climax returns on Android from Sega  


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April 4, 2019 10:32 am  

Source: Android Police
Get the game: Google Play


"Back in 2013 Sega released its mobile version of After Burner Climax on the Play Store as a premium game priced at three dollars. In 2015 it was removed from the Play Store along with a bunch of other premium titles from Sega. Slowly these games have been returning to Android under new free-to-play listings as part of the SEGA Forever program, and After Burner Climax is the latest title to make a return.

Just like every other SEGA Forever title, After Burner Climax is a free-to-play release that contains a bunch of advertisements. The ads are annoying and frequent, though you can remove them through a single in-app purchase priced at $1.99."