Some delisted DLCs  


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January 6, 2019 2:34 pm  

Looking for:

Dance Central Spotlight

- Girls & Boys by Blur:

- Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On Em) by Busta Rhymes:  

-Planet Rock (Original 12” Version) by Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force:

-Escapade by Janet Jackson:


(I've got I Got You Dancing on my own account, so don't worry, I don't need that).


Just Dance 2014

- Wake Me Up by Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc (delisted Xbox One JD2014 version, not JD2015 version or Xbox 360 JD2014 version)


Just Dance 2014 + Just Dance 2015

- any no longer used Xbox Live account with saves synced with the cloud with all month-exclusive Dance Mash-Ups for both games and uplay/Ubisoft Club map unlockables (Follow the Leader Sweat, Fine China dance mash-up for JD2014 and JD2015 Nitro Bot & Love Me Again mashup for JD2015), these are discontinued too because of the November shutdown of internet features, but they are already on the game's disc and unlock data is stored in save files


If anyone has access to at least one Live account that includes any of the content I've listed above, I'll deeply appreciate it. My gamertag is UnderhungSkink4 if you want to message me on there.


As for the DLCs, if Live allows you to gift delisted DLCs (which it allows me to do for DLC I've purchased in the past, and I'm not so sure that'll work for delisted DLC), then you can probably use that to send it to me.

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