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[Sticky] Game Sharing and Account Swapping Information [READ FIRST!]  


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May 16, 2018 12:26 pm  

If you are registered to post in this forum then you have already agreed to our Forum Rules which includes the following disclaimer:

Delisted Games does NOT encourage or endorse the acts of game sharing or account swapping in order to access delisted games. However, we appreciate the desire to play these games and have established a specific forum where you may engage in discussion of these practices. Any posts relating to these topics found elsewhere will be moved to this forum or deleted. Any users found to be persistently harassing others about these practices will be promptly terminated.


What is Game Sharing and Account Swapping?

If you are uncertain about what the terms “game sharing” and “account swapping” entail, here is a quick explanation as to why it could be dangerous:

If you have access to a delisted game and someone contacts you about “sharing” or “swapping” so that they can play it, you will have to provide them with your username and password for whichever service you have the game on (Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, etc). Once the other person has your login credentials they could:

  • Make purchases using any payment methods you have linked to your account
  • Send spam to or harass anyone on your friends list
  • View, Update, or delete your personal account details
  • Make public posts on your behalf that could result in account termination/ban


On some platforms your account must remain active or signed in for that person to continue playing the delisted game, so you can’t give them brief access and then change your password. If you erroneously join your Steam account to someone’s “Family” and their account is terminated, yours may also be locked, banned, or flagged.

If you engage in game sharing or account swapping, at the very least you should spend some time building a comfortable level of trust. Only YOU can decide who to give your login information to. If you do give out your credentials you should change your password as soon as possible on any platforms, services, or websites where you may have used the existing password.


We can only help with harassment on this forum

Delisted Games and its forum administrators or moderators cannot be held responsible or supply aid if you have had your account stolen on a service like Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, etc. However, if another user on this forum is repeatedly harassing you about accessing your account on one of these services in order to play a game, please contact us or add a private topic to the Forum News and Support forum.