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Chessmaster LIVE

Chessmaster LIVE

Digital Release:Xbox 360
January 30, 2008 (EU, US)
Delisting (approx):No earlier than October 22, 2011
Developer:Ubisoft Bulgaria
Available On:None page page [Archive]


Chessmaster LIVE was delisted from Xbox 360 no earlier than October 22nd, 2011. This is the last date that captures confirm it was available to buy. By the next capture on November 1st it had been removed. The game may have been delisted as Ubisoft’s trademark on the Chessmaster name was cancelled.


About the Game

Enjoy playing as a real strategist with the Xbox LIVE® version of the most-acclaimed chess franchise. Chessmaster LIVE allows you to challenge friends and players all over the world in thrilling contests and determine who’s the real champ. Choose among several 3-D (or 2-D) sets and play against virtual characters or real opponents over Xbox LIVE. Solve puzzles and discover exciting variations of this classic board game. Beginners can learn the basics of chess, and veteran players can improve their mastery of the game with the advanced scenario. The game is yours … it’s your move!

  • The challenge of chess: Compete against advanced A.I. characters or challenge other Xbox LIVE members to a match.
  • New message chess system: Start a game without any time limit, and play the game at your leisure over the course of days or even weeks.
  • Chess puzzles and chess variations: Puzzle over a series of classic challenges such as “find the fork” or “mate in one,” and experience new ways of playing chess including Dark Chess, Losing Chess, Extinction Chess, and Progressive Chess.
  • Customizable environments: Choose from six 3-D chess sets and three traditional sets, each with their own distinct sound effects, piece and board design.
  • Interact with opponents: Video options allow you to see your challenger during the course of the game.


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