Chessmaster Challenge

Chessmaster Challenge

Digital ReleaseSteam
August 12, 2009
DelistingNovember 2014
Available OnNone
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Chessmaster Challenge was delisted onSteam in November of 2014. The cause for the delisting is uncertain as several titles both developed and published by PlayFirst remain available as of this writing. It is possible that some licensing specific to Chessmaster Challenge expired or the game had performance issues on modern hardware that could not be addressed. 

Searching online returns many sites offering the game but none of these appear to be official releases by PlayFirst.

About the Game

Learn and improve your chess game at every level with Chessmaster Challenge — your teacher, mentor, and ultimate opponent!

New to chess? Try the step-by-step tutorials where you learn at your own pace. You can learn how pieces move, how to Castle, avoid common move pitfalls, create a Fork and other playing strategies used by grand chess masters around the world. Take a break from the tutorials to practice your strategies, with six chess sets and over 25 AI opponents to choose from.

Up for a puzzling challenge? Now one of the oldest games in history has a new way to test your skills. Tickle your brain with 8 types of chess puzzles.

Ready to Checkmate? Jump right into your game with six chess set designs and one of two game modes. Choose Training mode if you want to learn from your mistakes, master opening strategies, and receive hints such as Legal or Dangerous Moves. Play against the 25 AI opponents in Ranked mode with tournament-style rankings. Watch out for expert players such as Josh Waitzkin!

  • Learn & improve your chess game at every level.
  • Six choices of chess board sets, including three 3D sets.
  • Over 25 audio tutorials help you improve your strategy and dominate your opponent.
  • 8 types of chess puzzles let you practice while you make your move!
  • Training and Ranked tournament-style play — improve your game as you go, or challenge top ranked players and move up in the ratings!
  • Over 25 AI opponents to challenge as you work your way to Chessmaster!