Changes coming to Delisted Games  [UPDATE: We’re All Good Now!]

Changes coming to Delisted Games [UPDATE: We’re All Good Now!]

[UPDATE 01/22/23] It was a more drawn out process than I expected but the server upgrade and migration are complete. You shouldn’t have seen much downtime over the last week and — fingers crossed — far less of it going forward!

I’ve decided to move the Site Search to a permanent page but you can jump straight to it with the link at the top of the site, plus it’s got some extra features now. Filters are always displayed below the search box and there’s a quick reset button to get back to the default view. Mobile is a little different so I’m still tweaking the search there.

Thanks everyone for bearing with us, these stability issues have been a huge burden since mid-November and I hope the site is working better for you all now!

My original post from January 9th follows below

You’ve probably noticed some downtime with the site over the last three or so months. I’ve been struggling with issues since November but haven’t had much luck so we will soon be upgrading our hosting to a dedicated server. You’ll most likely see the site reporting it is offline, unresponsive, or unavailable a few more times through this process. 

I’ve never migrated a site and we’ve been with this host since 2006 so some snags are expected. This is still a side gig for me as well but I hope to be able to address any issues as quickly as possible and get this headache behind us. Once our sites are stable I also hope to find a better, less resource intensive search engine since the site has grown so large with pages and news posts over the last six years.

Please continue to bear with us through what will hopefully be the last round of the major outages! I’ll update here or on social media (Twitter, Facebook) when I know more about the process.