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Celebrate the Sadness in our PlayStation Store Giveaway!

Celebrate the Sadness in our PlayStation Store Giveaway!

The PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP, and Vita were going to shut down this Summer. Although Sony has stayed the execution, we’re still losing PSP content on July 2nd, and the PS3 and Vita stores only have so many years left before they’re finally shut down. I want to help! I’m giving away one $50 and two $25 PlayStation Store codes between April and June. Since this affects the worldwide PlayStation audience I wanted to give as many people as possible a chance to win so you get to pick the regionPlease view the full rules.

Buy something random — one of my weird personal favorites maybe? — or buy that game you slept on and missed in the last sale. Or buy a PlayStation 5 game I guess. The final choice is up to you.

Check below for the dates and prizes.
Click each giveaway for more info.
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April 11th – April 18th (FINISHED)
$25 USD PlayStation Store code

May 9th – May 16th
$50 USD PlayStation Store code

June 6th – June 13th
$25 USD PlayStation Store code