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Breach shutting down only three months after release

Breach shutting down only three months after release

The 4-vs-1 multiplayer action/RPG, Breach, initially seemed like an up-and-coming contender when it debuted on Steam Early Access back in January. But just over two months later, QC Games has announced plans to shut down the servers at the end of April. Popularity and profits are to blame according to QC Games CEO, Dallas Dickinson, who confirmed the news on April 3rd. The following notice has since replaced the game’s homepage:

“Many of you have heard we are shutting Breach down already, but I wanted to share the specific details of the Breach wind-down. The game will continue to be playable and the servers will stay up through the end of April (4/30/2019), so that those of you who are still enjoying it can continue to do so. We won’t be offering it to new players, and have removed it from Steam and the En Masse channel. We have also adjusted the prices of in-game items and classes, so that those of you who want to play for that period of time can try it out with all of the content available to you.

The bottom line is that the game has not performed as we had hoped, and the changes required to make it a successful product would require resources we don’t have. We need to do right by our team, and offer them a reasonable, managed shutdown, rather than driving the game and the company off a cliff. This is a hard decision, but it’s unfortunately what we have to do with Breach.”

The announcement also laid out the following timeline, starting off with the game and its DLC being removed from sale.

  • As of April 3, the game and its DLC content were removed from both Steam and EME.
  • As of April 4, we turned off the in-game store, so that no new QC Points could be purchased. In addition, we reduced the prices on all in-game items to 1 Gold, so that players can buy anything they want or need to experience the game content freely.
  • Player will be able to play the game normally until April 30, in Solo v AI, Coop v AI and Coop v Players modes (as well as Custom matches).
  • There will be no further updates to the game.
  • On April 30, we will be bringing the servers down permanently.

I’ve added the date to the Watch List calendar and will have a page up soon.