Blade Runner 9732

Blade Runner 9732

Digital ReleasePC
January 07, 2018 - Steam, Vive
DelistingJanuary 29, 2018
DeveloperQuentin Lengele
PublisherQuentin Lengele
Available OnPC, VR - Quentin Lengele
LinksBlade Runner 9732 homepage
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Blade Runner 9732 was delisted on Steam on January 29th, 2018 after a DMCA copyright claim was filed with Valve. Creator Quentin Lengele addressed the takedown on Steam and on his own blog, updating it through March of 2018.

It’s a really sad news here: Valve reported a copyright complaint and they will remove my build from Steam very soon (surely tomorrow). The complaint doesn’t come from Warner Bros. (the real IP holders). That’s why it’s a bit annoying to me. I’m trying to figure out because I have a clear agreement of principle from Warner Bros L.A. Digital Department since Nov 2017.

I’m really disappointed with that kind of behavior on a free fan made project generating $0 and not taking profit to anyone. I want to insist on the fact that I would never have distributed this experience without the agreement of the IP holder. At this moment, I still don’t have any reply from the plaintiff but my builds are already shutdown from Viveport. Steam will follow tomorrow.

UPDATE (2018-01-30 23:08 GMT):

Last hours guys 🙁 I still don’t have any reply from the plaintiff and I’m waiting for additional information about exclusivity from WB. Maybe they don’t tell me everything. I’m very glad lots of people liked my work even if it was not really a game. Thank you for all your kind words and keep in touch on the website or my twitter account.

UPDATE (2018-02-22 10:20 GMT):

Shutting down my 3years fan made VR experience from steam & viveport was not enough. My videos are now down too. Tweet here:

Although he was not able to relist the title on Steam or Viveport, Lengele was cleared to release Blade Runner 9732 independently and without cost. It remains available on the game’s homepage but is no longer supported.

About the Game


Want to have a drink at the balcony watching the streets from the 97th floor? Always wanted to start the Esper Machine by yourself and play the piano? Enjoy 3D sound effects and Vangelis ambient music through your VR headset right now and take a walk inside this mythic Cyberpunk atmosphere!

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