Black & White 2

Black & White 2

Digital Release:PC (Mac)
January 06, 2009
Delisting:June 2016
Developer:Lionhead Studios
Robosoft Technologies (Mac)
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Feral Interactive (Mac)
Available On:Retail:
PC homepage
Feral Interactive homepage


Black and White 2 was likely delisted from the Mac and Feral Interactive’s website in June of 2016. This was the latest date that captures showed that the game was still available to buy and download. It was never released digitally on any other platform but remains available on physical media for PC and Mac.

About the Game

Created by Lionhead Studios® and designers Peter Molyneux and Ron Millar, in Black & White 2 players reprise the role of a young god in search of followers and return to the once innocent world of Eden. However, times have moved on – weapons have been invented and humans have harnessed the forces of nature to terrible effect. Eden is in turmoil and the young God has been called back to save his people.

In addition, The Battle of the Gods expansion pack is included offering players a host of new challenges including the threat of a rival God.

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