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Bethesda Launcher transfers begin, free games released on Steam, and more details

Bethesda Launcher transfers begin, free games released on Steam, and more details

As announced just two weeks ago, the transfer process for moving purchases from the  Bethesda Launcher to Steam has begun. If, like me, you’re curious what the process is like but never bought anything through the Bethesda Launcher, tech site has an overview of the steps involved.

Bethesda has also updated their FAQ with yet more specifics including a separate page for manually transferring save files that cannot be automatically transferred in the migration process. Of these, Wolfenstein: Youngblood remains the only title whose save files cannot be transferred to Steam at all. DOOM Eternal has a separate page with more involved steps to move your save files to Steam.

Other new details confirm that Bethesda friends lists for supported games will be merged with your Steam friends list, any purchased soundtracks will remain accessible through your transaction history page, and that there is no impact on Slayers Club, the DOOM fan club/reward program integrated into DOOM Eternal.

Earlier this month Bethesda confirmed that several titles from their launcher would eventually make their way to the Steam store and three of them have already appeared. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, The Elder Scrolls: Arena, and The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall were released on April 26th and are available for free. No news yet on when the Creation Kit for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition will be joining Steam but they are reportedly still on the way.

Finally, the website has been updated to remove all pricing information and direct purchase options from the 101 entries on their store catalog. Ultimately, games on the Bethesda Launcher will become inaccessible on May 11th but you will still be able to make the transfer to Steam even after this date.