Just polishing up some things, trying out some fresh layouts, and I needed a test post for the News category.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been compiling the details for 20 delisted Irem games. Their 2011-2012 sweep was intense. All of the game pages are still placeholders but they each contain the full story and breakdown of the titles involved. Check it out, it’s quite the epic delisting.

You may also notice that a Google ad has appeared on the sidebar to your right. I’m sure it’s a blinking jumble advertising “Free Minecraft” or featuring a chainmail lady butt. Whether you click it or not I get some percentage of a penny so if you don’t mind, would you consider whitelisting in your ad blocker? It’s the only ad I’m going to place on the site and since the Patreon failed to take off it’s all the income I’ve got going from this mad endeavor.

Thanks for continuing to visit the site and for your submissions and comments.