Ace Combat: Joint Assault

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

Digital ReleasePlayStation Portable
August 26, 2010 (JP)
September 06, 2010 (NA)
September 24, 2010 (AU, EU)
DelistingNo later than June 30, 2016
DeveloperProject Aces
PublisherBandai NAMCO
Available OnRetail
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Ace Combat: Joint Assault was delisted from the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Portable and Vita no later than June 30th, 2016. According to the Ace Combat Fandom Wiki this news was first posted on the official Japanese Ace Combat homepage in 2016.

As with most Ace Combat titles, this delisting was most likely due to expired licensing from the many aircraft manufacturers featured in the game.

About the Game

The PSP® system is pushed to the limit with fast-paced dogfights, fantastic new visuals, real-world locations, and the most robust multiplayer options seen yet from the world’s number one flight-action series.

  • Cooperate and compete online – Engage in ad hoc and infrastructure enabled co-op gameplay with up to 4 players or fight it out in VS battle with up to 8 players! Players can also enjoy multiplayer action through Ad hoc Party!
  • Arsenal of aircraft – Jump in the cockpits of over 40 state-of-the-art combat aircraft and tear the skies apart with ease!
  • Real world setting – For the first time in the series, soar over familiar locations including Tokyo, London, and San Francisco!
  • Air combat intensified – With the new “Enhanced Combat View” system, enemies and combat are shown closer than ever before!

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