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A Twitch Update and new Schedule

A Twitch Update and new Schedule

It’s been almost a month since I started the Delisted Games channel on Twitch. I purposefully chose not to make a post here every time I went live because I didn’t want to dilute the main page with a bunch of notifications some of you probably don’t care about. That said, I’m making one now. As I’ve adjusted to my livestreaming setup I wanted to share a slightly revised schedule and some of the stuff we’ve been up to over on Twitch.

TUESDAYWhat’s Up Tuesday?7pm – 8pm EST

THURSDAY — Potential New Stream — 7pm – ?? EST

SUNDAYRetro Sunday Stream2pm – 4pm EST

‘What’s Up Tuesday?’ has been the most popular stream so far with a short overview of recent news and game page additions on the site. If you don’t make it to the site daily or follow our posts on Twitter or Facebook, this is a good one-stop spot to catch up on things. After the news portion I’ve been browsing the latest console releases on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch so you can also think of it as “What’s New Tuesday”.

The Thursday stream hasn’t actually happened yet but I’m thinking about using it to play newer games or stream some looser gaming-related content. Uhhhh, suggestions?

The Retro Sunday Stream has been fun but I’ve been doing it early in the A.M. because I’m always up early. It’s wound up hindering our lunch plans around the house and I think fewer people tune in because they’re probably asleep. So I’m adjusting the time starting April 4th to 2pm EST. It’ll also be a 2-hour stream so we can play more games or just keep at it a little longer.

I haven’t done it yet but there’s also the possibility that I’ll fire up a stream some morning during the week while I’m researching games for the site. These probably won’t be archived so if you see a notification pop up on a weekday morning, catch it if you have the time.

For those who don’t care for livestreams, you can always watch at your leisure on our YouTube channel or specifically with the Twitch Archives playlist. I try to get the videos published on YouTube the same day that I record them, but they might lag over to the following morning sometimes.

Thanks to everyone who has watched a stream,
chatted along with me, and followed on Twitch!