A look at some retired Xbox 360 Apps & Services

One of the things I loved (and miss dearly) from the Xbox 360 era was Microsoft’s seeming willingness to throw anything at the Dashboard and see what sticks. It felt like every few months they’d announce a new app or another custom marketplace interface, or even a live hosted weekly game show.

Yes, 1 vs 100 was the height of this adventurous and experimental time but there were lots of others; easily forgotten, or simply shut down before many people even had a chance to take a look.

I wish I’d had the foresight to record them when they were functional because all that’s left are a lot of apps that quickly resolve with a “server can’t be found” error. Nevertheless, some of them can still be downloaded to your Xbox 360 so I thought I’d record what I could, throw in some screenshots, and add a little narration. For posterity’s sake.

Take a look above or on our YouTube channel to see a little bit of Destination: Arcade, Karaoke, Kinect PlayFit, and the Live Event Player, including their rare Achievements and Avatar Awards.