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  • Sithalo

    i had no idea this was ever even on steam. well i probably did but probably forgot but thats not why i come here to post. i just wanted a quiet space to mention something regarding the “get your games back” area of the site since i cannot find any way to actually pm a msg.

    for steam you can use the site steamdb to get old things that are not listed anymore and redl them so long as you owned them and so long as they are hidden and not just removed.

    for example defect and dying light both have demos no longer accessible through steam (since steam library doesnt tend to save free games or demos), using steamdb i cannot access defect demo but i am still able to access dying lights demo.

    since the steam library doesnt tend to save the free games you have played if any of them get removed then you wont be able to access them through steam, but if you go through steamdb you should be able to get them reinstalled, dying light for me has a little green “free” button in the top right telling me “You own this demo, click to install”

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I too can download the Dying Light demo from SteamDB but I never grabbed it when it was on Steam. It looks like for demos at least, SteamDB can pass the download to you. Maybe the devs themselves took the Defect demo down completely. I’ll add SteamDB to the page as another way to dig up your delisted games. Thanks again!

      • Sithalo

        your very welcome 🙂 good to know it works for more than if you just had it. always a pleasure to help archivist keep history intact even if it is minor. ive also used it to repick up the launchers to global agenda and combat arms. although one was dead and one had a major update on its regular launcher and i was to impatient to find out if the update carried over into the steam version automatically somehow or what.

        and for defect its strange that they took it down so much i think when they could have just delisted it. seems like that would have been easier.

        they had a demo before it hit Early Access but they removed it once EA started. I asked why and the devs have told me because the product then had such major changes that the demo wouldnt really be a good example of the gameplay anymore.

        but i really doupt that and its pretty much the one thing that keeps me from buying the game. ill have to check gameplay of it sometime but iirc they kept the same trailer that they had up since forever and the demo was like that so… it just seems very underhanded and sneaky is all. none of that information was needed or even remotely asked for sorry.

        • HA! No worries, it’s all interesting to me and not a game I’d discover on my own. I don’t know anything about the devs of this game but thinking of reasons someone might remove a demo or game instead of retool it:

          It could be a texture or 3D model was used without permission or license and to rebuild/recompile the thing would be more work than just pulling it offline. If the time-versus-benefit ratio doesn’t add up then there’s no reason to spend the time on rebuilding it. Better spent moving on. Just a possibility.

    • Hi again! Have you tried downloading some of the delisted demos that SteamDB says are available to download? I finally got back to try it and they all seem to pass the store page URL to Steam which are removed so it dumps back to the Steam homepage.

      I haven’t found any demos that have been delisted that I can actually get to download. Just curious if any have worked for you. I think that green “FREE” button SteamDB doesn’t work as well as I hoped it would.