Outside of a very few comments and submissions from readers I really didn’t notice anyone coming to Delisted Games after I launched it back in June. I was okay with this because I still feel the site is in its infancy but as it turns out there were more than 10,500 views and 4,588 visitors in 2016! You all have my sincere thanks for stopping by. I hope the site was helpful in confirming a delisting or filling you in on the details. It’s no fun to find out a game was delisted but I hope the site could provide a satisfactory explanation or maybe just some closure.

There are currently 200 games on the site but there’s still much, much (much) more to do. Only about 100 of the pages have sufficient details and several of those could probably use more intensive research. My focus has largely been on console games as well but I would love to expand it to include PC, web and mobile. But it’s a start and one that I’m still very proud of for its first year.

So how about some stats? The Number One most sought after game according to page views was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. At 1,107 views it had more than double the hits of any other title. The PlayStation 3 version of Tetris was next in line followed by Flipnote Studio 3D and the Bookworm titles.

Thank you again to everyone who found the site and here’s to a year with fewer delistings! Well, we can hope anyways.

  • Gantann

    Just want to say thanks for making this site. The looming threat of an all digital future for games is terrifying, and your work here is proof of that. We’ve only had a strong digital presence on consoles for about a decade, and already we’ve lost many quality games that were digital-only, now unlikely to ever be available again. This kind of archive and warning system is something that will become more and more valuable as we continue to transition across console generations and content servers inevitably shut down en masse. I’ll definitely continue to check in on this site as long as it’s updated!

    • Thank you for the comments! I’m glad you found the site useful and I hope I can keep it going through 2017 and beyond.