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amazingspiderman2Digital Release:PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
April 29, 2014 (US)
May 2, 2014 (EU)
May 7, 2014 (AU)
September 4, 2014 (JP)

April 29, 2014 (Steam)
May 2, 2014 (EU)

Xbox 360, Xbox One
April 29, 2014 (US)
May 2, 2014 (EU)
May 6, 2014 (AU)

Nintendo Wii U
April 29, 2014 (US)
December 25, 2014 (EU)
Delisting:January 4, 2017
Publisher:Activision Blizzard
Available On:Retail (See Below)
Links:The Amazing Spider-Man 2 homepage Page [Archive]