Unfortunately I was not able to grab all of the Xbox Fitness workouts from when the service first launched but I have now archived some of them. The Delisted Games YouTube channel now has a playlist where I’ll be collecting the workouts as I record them ahead of the service’s final day on July 1st, 2017.

So far I’ve recorded the two exclusive Zombies workouts and Anja Garcia’s 4-party Mobility & Strength Training routines. There’s a demo workout that showcases some of the app’s biggest names and I think I’ve got one other Athlete workout I have access to. The Zombies stuff is definitely worth a look for fans of modern FMV games. It’s ostensibly produced by SUMO Digital, the same team behind the also-delisted FMV Kinect game, Intel Discovered and is one of the most creative workout videos I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and pardon me for mostly sitting on the couch in the little Kinect window during these workouts. I’m here to archive, not break a sweat.

  • Pam

    You may wish to be careful about uploading the videos. The programs that were on Xbox Fitness were always a part of licensed, trademarked, and copyrighted workout programs that are still on the market in the form of DVDs and many of the programs offer the same videos on their websites for a fee. They also do not fall under the category of “games” where there is a gray area of free use when publishing videos because of player interaction. This is more like uploading a full feature DVD with your own commentary and calling it a unique work… that leads to costly cease and desist orders, YouTube bans and lawsuits.